Can anything be done about traffic on Great Road?

Addressing traffic on Great Road has been a concern of the town for many years. A major resource for that work is the 2021 Great Road Master Plan, which the Town is implementing in phases. For a chronicle of this work, see:


The Town also recently commissioned a study of the Great Road corridor that proposes numerous changes to traffic and pedestrian signals and upgrades to several intersections. The study includes a timeline for implementing them:

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1. What is the Transportation Advisory Committee?
2. When and where does the Transportation Advisory Committee meet?
3. How can residents provide input to the Transportation Advisory Committee?
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5. How does the town decide where to build sidewalks, crosswalks, and bike lanes?
6. Where are the next sidewalks planned for construction?
7. How are these improvements funded?
8. How long does it take to construct a new sidewalk?
9. How can I get my street added to the list for these kinds of improvements?
10. Can I get a crosswalk at a specific location?
11. Can the town add signs or speed bumps to prevent speeding on my street?
12. Can we lower the speed limit on my street?
13. Can anything be done about traffic on Great Road?