What Services Do You Offer?

We offer a wide variety of social services for the community including:  

  • Referrals for Mental Health Counseling, including counseling offered right in the Youth and Family Services Office 
  • Help with Food Insecurity such as accessing the Bedford Food Bank, signing up for SNAP and WIC, and providing direct relief for urgent situations.
  • Assisting with accessing Housing and Utility resources such as Winter Fuel Fuel Assistance, RAFT rental relief, Salvation Army Good Neighbor Fund, CHAMP public housing applications, and programs through the Regional Housing Authority.
  • Providing diapers, baby wipes, feminine care products, children's clothing and winter coats 
  • Referrals, Resources and Services for Bedford Community members facing substance addiction, domestic violence, transportation issues, low-income barriers, and insurance issues (Masshealth).   
  • Education and presentations to the community

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1. What Services Do You Offer?
2. How do I access counseling services for myself or my child?
3. How much does counseling cost?
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5. What if I need help paying my heating bills – can you help?
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