How can I help a Hoarding friend or family member?
  • Attempts by family or friends to help with the decluttering may not be well-received by the person who hoards
  • Keep in mind that until the person is motivated to change, they may not accept an offer to help
  • Motivation cannot be forced
  • Everyone, including people who hoard, has a right to make choices about their objects and about how they live
  • Attempting to clean out the homes of people who hoard without treating the underlying problem usually fails
  • Hoarders whose homes are cleaned without their consent often experience extreme distress and may become further attached to their possessions. This may lead to their refusal of future help and cause them to isolate themselves from friends and family
  • Focus the intervention initially on safety. Unblock doors, windows, and heating vents and remove trash that is attracting pests. Eliminate fall and fire risks

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