What Bedford’s Town Meeting is Not.

It is very popular for today's political candidates and congress members to hold what they refer to as "Town Meetings." These are in general sessions, open to anyone, where the person organizing the meeting presents ideas and the audience responds, asks questions, and makes comments. This is not what is referred to as Town Meeting in Bedford.

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1. What do I need to know about the check in process for Town Meeting?
2. How do I submit a Petitioner's Article for the Town Warrant?
3. How can I volunteer to be on a town committee?
4. Where can I read the rules?
5. When is Town Meeting?
6. Why Do Voters Need to Attend Town Meeting?
7. What is the Warrant? Why is the motion made at Town Meeting sometimes different from what is published in the Warrant?
8. Who can attend Town Meeting? Who can vote? Who can speak?
9. What to Think About Before You Speak or Present at Town Meeting.
10. What Is an Open Town Meeting?
11. What Bedford’s Town Meeting is Not.