I’d like to install a shed/detached garage on my property. What do I need to do?

For sheds under 200 square feet it is the policy of this office to not require a foundation system given its size and intended use. For these types of sheds you will need to submit a certified plot plan (see below) and a Shed Permit application. For sheds 200 square feet and over the following information must accompany the completed building permit application:

A certified plot plan, to scale, showing the location of the proposed shed/detached garage. Accessory structures of this kind are required to be setback a minimum of ten feet from both side and rear property lines and be located behind the rearmost point of the dwelling (including attached decks) and no closer than ten feet from another building on the same lot.

Specifications/plans, to scale, of the shed / detached garage. If the accessory structure is pre-fabricated then provide the manufacturer's specifications that show what the structure looks like and how its constructed. You will also need to submit the type of foundation system proposed to support the accessory structure (i.e. foundation, footing, etc.). If the accessory structure is going to be constructed by regular framing methods then a set of framing plans must be submitted including the type of foundation/support system you will be using as well as elevation drawings to show the height of the structure.

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