What if a plow damages my mailbox or front lawn?

On most Town roads, the Town right-of-way extends 5 to 10 feet beyond the edge of the pavement. The DPW repairs mailboxes and lawn damage as a courtesy. Mailboxes installed in the Town right-of-way are placed at the owner's risk. Each mailbox installation should be sufficiently solid to withstand snow-clearing efforts by the Town. A large highway plow moves many tons of snow widening roadways. The rolling action of the snow will destroy or damage all but the strongest of mailboxes and posts. Please call the DPW at 781-275-7605 with the address and description of the damage. Mailboxes will be repaired as quickly as possible as time allows. Lawn damage will be repaired in the spring as weather and time allow. Lawn damage must be reported no later than May 15th. Please check the “Winter Operations” tab on the Highway website for more information.

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