Retirement Information

Are you considering retirement? Congratulations!  Start by reviewing the information in the Town of Bedford Retirement Brochure.  If you haven't already, review the PERAC retirement guide applicable to your date of hire/membership (links below) and contact Middlesex Retirement (or MTRS if you are an educator).

PERAC Retirement Guides (Pension Benefit)
Public Employee Retirement Guide - Membership prior to 4/2/12
Public Employee Retirement Guide - Membership on/after 4/2/12

Health Insurance
Do you have questions about health insurance once you turn 65? Check out this quick video from the GIC that outlines the process.

Social Security and Medicare

Medicare Part B Reimbursement
The Town offers partial reimbursement of the premium paid towards Medicare Part B to those retirees and spouses who subscribe to a Medicare Supplement Plan with the Town. The Town will reimburse, upon receipt of proper documentation, the amount equivalent to 50% of the lowest premium amount for Medicare Part B coverage. Documentation (1099-SSA form or copies of your Medicare invoices) must be submitted by June 30th. Due to a new financial system, retirees will be required to complete a W-9 form as well in order to cut a check. This will not be taxed as it is a reimbursement.

Documentation and questions regarding Medicare reimbursements should be directed to the Finance Department:

Town of Bedford, Finance Department
10 Mudge Way, Bedford, MA  01730
Phone: 781-275-2218
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Resources & Contacts

Town of Bedford 

Human Resources 
For general questions/assistance re: retirement & insurance 
Phone: 781-918-4008 

Finance Department
For Medicare Part B Reimbursements
Phone: 781-275-2218

Council on Aging
For free health insurance information and counseling through the SHINE Program. Call to schedule an appointment. 
Phone: 781-275-6825

Middlesex County Retirement System
25 Linnell Circle
Billerica, MA 01821
Phone: 978-439-3000

Mass Teacher’s Retirement System
500 Rutherford Avenue, Suite 210 
Charlestown, MA 02129 
Phone: 617-679-6877

Social Security Administration
Phone: 617-591-8031

SMART Plan - 457 Deferred Comp. Plan
Sean Doucette
Phone: 978-806-7205 

Mission Square (formerly ICMA-RC) - 457 Deferred Comp. Plan
Michael Savage
Phone: 202-759-7148