Ad Hoc Tree Master Plan Committee

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In accordance with Section 3-2 of the Town Charter, the Select Board is empowered to make appointments to temporary committees they make for a special purpose. Therefore, the Board recommends the following Committee: “Ad Hoc Tree Master Plan Committee”


As part of its goals for FY23, the Select Board identified a Tree Master Plan as one of its infrastructure priorities. In Spring 2023, Town Meeting approved funds for the development of a Tree Master Plan. The purpose was to identify specimen trees for targeted preservation; develop a planting and maintenance plan for future resilience; and identify areas of future planting. In addition, the Plan will inventory existing trees and promote Bedford’s tree canopy. Funds were appropriated in part to hire a consultant specializing in tree master planning.

As the conclusion of its work, the Committee shall present a draft Tree Master Plan to the Select Board and provide a recommendation regarding adoption of the Tree Master Plan as a planning document for the Town.


The Ad Hoc Tree Master Plan Committee shall have the following members:

• A member of the Select Board

• A member of the Planning Board

• A member of the Historic District Commission

• A member of the Conservation Commission

• A member of the Arbor Resources Committee

• Two at-large members appointed by the Select Board

Each referenced Board or Committee shall recommend a member that the Select Board shall appoint. The Committee shall be supported directly by staff, including but not limited to staff from the Public Works Department. Staff members will be non-voting members of the Committee. 


Members shall be appointed to the Committee for one year terms, with the ability to be reappointed for additional terms as long as the committee’s work is ongoing.