Health Inspector's Page

Health: Food Protection Program

The Town of Bedford, "administratively," - through the (Board of Health) endeavors to promote and safe-guard the Publics’ Health, by virtue of its Food-Protection Program.

This program incorporates those Food Establishment premises offering food to the consuming public, namely restaurants, café, kitchens, mobile-canteen-trucks, food-marts, and feeding/meal-sites, as well as, planned out-door temporary events held in the Town.

The execution of such activity is implicit to the mandate of the State Sanitary Code 590 C.M.R.

Timely Health Inspections and evaluative reviews are conducted by the Health Department’s Health Inspector/Agent or a duly authorized Board of Health official.

Emphasis is placed on Food Safety, Environmental Health& Sanitation and hygienic-practices incorporated among food handlers in the handling of Food. The preceding is effected, through monitoring the "Food’s" path, from the Establishments’ Receival - door, through the various stages in the production of the menu- items as : storage, prepping , cooking , hot or cold holding, re-heating, serving; until finally, when it, (the food), reaches the mouth of the Consumer.

By examining these procedural steps, one can make a determination as to the safety of such menu items, and, if there is a food-borne illness potential when such food items are consumed, if appropriate corrective measures are not implemented .

Permitted -Food Handling premises are cited, for violation of the above referenced State Sanitary Code requirements; whenever violations are detected during a routine Inspection and/or Complaint related investigation.

Permitted -Premises mandatorily has to come into Compliance with all code requirements. Violations may be critical or non critical. This could result in the Temporary suspension of their permit to operate, or a revoking of their license to operate a Food Establishment. Depending on the gravity of the situation, immediate correction is ordered or reasonable time may be allotted to correct the violations, with a resultant follow- up Inspection. The Permit holder has to correct all violations by such agreed upon time, or their Permit to operate may be jeopardized.