The Bedford Cancer Network

In the mid 90's, three women met for coffee and conversation. The conversation was about cancer; they had all had breast cancer. In 1995 they invited a newcomer to Bedford to join them, and later, two other women from town joined their group.

As time went on, they continued to meet - for coffee, for lunch, for dinner - to chat about family, friends, and other matters of common interest. Sometimes, they even discussed cancer. As their bonds tightened, their support for one another increased.

They recognized the benefits of their meetings, and felt a need to reach out to others who might also benefit from support of this type. They wanted to help them ease the feelings of loneliness, fear and isolation that often accompany dealing with a life-threatening disease. So they decided to help others form their own support groups.

They were joined in this effort by a number of other Bedford women, including a nurse, a nurse practitioner, a teacher, and Board of Health member. Together they brainstormed, and in the spring of 2000 organized the Bedford Cancer Network.

The main goals of the Bedford Cancer Network, when the group formed, were:
  • to facilitate the formation of local cancer support groups
  • to provide lectures by local professionals on cancer-related issues
  • to distribute information about cancer of all kinds

Lecture topics have included radiation treatment, the healing power of laughter, genetic research, massage therapy, recent drug therapies, and chiropractic therapies.

The Bedford Cancer Network ultimately determined that they would focus their efforts on distribution of cancer resources. They received a grant and established a website. While that website is no longer supported and the group does not meet regularly, the Bedford Board of Health suggests utilizing the resources provided in the web pages listed below for information on cancer types, treatments, research and support groups.


National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute - 

 American Cancer Society -


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