Bedford Artist Directory

Bedford Artist Directory

The Bedford Cultural Council and Cultural District Partnership have compiled a directory of Bedford people, performance groups and businesses connected to the creative arts. The directory is intended to connect artists and the community, inspire creativity and collaboration, and increase access to the arts. Please see the latest version of the directory (PDF).  

We want to include anyone in town at any level who is involved in creative expression (literary arts, performing arts, visual arts, video arts, …) in the directory. Don't be shy: any creative endeavor qualifies, even if it's only as a hobby. One goal is simply to let residents know that other people with similar interests live in Town. You don't need to be a prize-winning artist to be included (although if you are, well done and please tell us about it!).

Want to be included in the directory? Please fill out this Bedford Artist Directory form.

The form gives you the option of showing only your name and interest or including your contact information as well. Either is fine. We hope you will share your artistic interests with us and with the cultural community.

Please share this form with anyone else you think might like to be included!