Assessors Important Dates

The Assessment Date is January 1st of the previous year.

Ownership, condition and value of the property on January 1st is critical in the assessing function...any new structures, additions, demolitions or improvements occurring after January 1st, will not reflect in the assessing records until next January 1st. 

**Only exception is to certain exempt property, which has a determination date of July 1st.**

The Fiscal Year commences on July 1st and ends June 30th. Property taxes are assessed for Fiscal Year based on value of property, as of the previous January 1st. **Important to note, assessments are based upon prior calendar year market or sales activity.**

January 1st

  • Property Tax Assessment Date (for the following fiscal year)
  • Real Estate & Personal Property Abatement filing begins  

February 1st

  • Real Estate & Personal Property Abatement deadline

March 1st

  • Personal Property Forms of List deadline
  • Tax Exempt Property Filings of 3ABC Forms deadline

March 31st

  • Income & Expense Forms deadline

April 1st

  • Application for Personal Exemptions deadline

June 30th  - Fiscal Year ends

July 1st - Fiscal Year begins

Qualification date for statutory exemptions begins

**Please note personal exemptions applications are only available & accepted beginning July 1st through April 1st during current fiscal year.  Applications will not be accepted after April 1st, 2024 through June 30th, 2024**

October 1st

  • Application for Chapter Land deadline