Fiscal Planning & Coordinating


  • Anita Raj, Board of Health
  • Ben Thomas, Finance Committee
  • Elizabeth McClung, Finance Committee
  • David Coelho, School Department, Ex-Officio
  • Jonathan Sills, School Superintendent, Ex-Officio
  • Victor Garofalo, Finance Director, Ex-Officio
  • Antonio Battaglia, Capital Expediture Committee
  • Emily Mitchell, Select Board
  • JoAnn Santiago, School Committee
  • Daniel Brosgol, School Committee
  • Sarah A. Stanton, Town Manager, Ex-Officio


The charge of the FPCC shall be to:

  1. Periodically review the Town's fiscal condition and forecast
  2. Identify steps necessary to provide municipal services while preserving Bedford's sound fiscal condition
  3. Foster communication and develop consensus among Town Boards and Committees regarding fiscal matters