Water / Sewer Division

Water Faucet

Mission Statement

The primary function of the Water Division is to maintain and operate the Town’s water distribution and treatment system, which includes three wells, three water storage tanks, approximately 811 fire hydrants, and 6,000 water meters.  The Water Division annually performs approximately 1,300 backflow inspections to protect the water distribution system from non-potable sources.  Other primary functions of the Water Division include ensuring water quality by routine testing, leak detection, and emergency repairs to the distribution system.  The Town of Bedford is a member of the MWRA. Approximately 85% of the water consumed is supplied by the MWRA, with the other 15% coming from the Shawsheen Road Wellfield.  The Water Division staff treats this well water with sodium hydroxide to adjust pH levels throughout the distribution system, sodium hypochlorite for disinfection, and sodium fluoride for enhanced dental and bone health. 


For emergencies (Nights, Weekends, Holidays), contact the Bedford Police Department at 781-275-1212.