Trash & Bulk Items

Trash Program Basics

  • Use only town-issued trash carts. Republic Services will only collect trash in official Bedford carts or overflow bags.
  • All trash must fit into the cart with the lid closed. 
  • The cart handles and wheels must face away from the street. Place cart 3 ft away from any obstacles.
  • Residents may use blue overflow bags for trash that does not fit into the 48-gallon cart. Bags can be purchased at the following locations:
Store Location
Moison's ACE Hardware 297 Great Road
Phone: 781-275-6792
Stop & Shop 337 Great Road
Phone: 781-271-9400
Whole Foods Market 170 Great Road
Phone: 781-275-8264
  • Carts must be at the curb for collection by 7 AM.
  • Report missed collection to Republic Services 800-442-9006 by 5 PM on Wednesday following the missed pickup, for recovery on Thursday. 
  • See below for bulky item disposal.
  • Trash & Recycling carts are the property of the Town of Bedford. Maintenance of the carts is the responsibility of the property owner. A dirty cart is easily cleaned with a power washer.
  • Report damaged carts to the DPW at 781-275-7605, ext. 4261. If you suspect your cart has been stolen, please obtain a police report before calling the DPW.

Bulky Items

Mattresses and Box Springs

Schedule mattresses and box spring collection at the UTEC mattress recycling website. Mattresses and box springs are collected at the curb twice per month, by appointment. Place all items at the curb by 7 AM on collection day, but not more than 24 hours in advance. All size mattresses are accepted. NO wet or excessively soiled mattresses. NO futons, or fold-out sofa bed cushions. NO air mattresses, water beds, or infant sleeping pads. Please note that Republic Services will no longer pick up recyclable mattresses and box springs for bulky item disposal.  

Bulky Waste (Suspended for the month of Nov 2022) / Appliances / TV Collection

  • Call Republic Services at 800-442-9006.
  • Residents may schedule one bulky item per week for disposal.
  • No fees for items such as household furniture, carpet, rugs (rolled into 4 feet bundles), rigid plastic items, toys, etc. (Suspended for the month of Nov 2022.)
  • Fees (updated July 1, 2022) (PDF) apply for appliances (with or without freon), CRT/TV monitors (based on screen size), electronics & small appliances, meal items (grills, lawn mowers, etc.), and tires.
  • Before you spend money on bulky disposal, check the A to Z Reuse & Recycling guide (PDF) for other options.

Unacceptable Trash Items

Disposal of any building, renovation, or construction material is the responsibility of the property owner. This includes toilets, sinks, bathtubs, wood waste, brick, concrete, etc. Residents should contact a private disposal service or utilize a dumpster bag.

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