Arbor Resources Committee Charge

Article 31 General Bylaw - Proposed New Article.

Bedford Arbor Resources Committee

XX.1 Authority

The Bedford Arbor Resources Committee is established by the Select Board.

XX.2 Membership

BARC members are appointed by the Select Board, which also determines the number of members

and their terms.

XX.3 Purpose

Advise the Select Board, and other Town boards, commissions, committees, and departments about arbor resources on publicly owned lands, and to encourage property owners to do the same on private lands.

XX.4 Definitions for purposes of this bylaw

XX 4.1 Arbor resources are trees and woody shrubs and the ecological resources that support them.

XX 4.2 Arbor resource management includes managing, protecting, preserving, and developing arbor resources.

XX.5 Responsibilities

XX 5.1 Advise the Select Board and other Town boards, commissions, committees, and departments on, and promote public awareness of arbor resource management best practices.

XX 5.2 Advise the Select Board, Tree Warden, Town departments, boards, commissions, and committees in carrying out the Town Tree Policy and the Shade Tree Act, M.G.L. Ch.87.

XX 5.3 Review the current and potential arbor resource impact of ongoing and proposed land development projects, and provide related advice and assistance as appropriate.

This is a permanent committee and adding it to the Bylaws codifies its authority, membership, purpose, and responsibilities.


  • Select Board Approval Recommended
  • Finance Committee Approval Recommended

Approved at 2021 Annual Town Meeting