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Town of Bedford
Public Record Response - Disclaimer

Pursuant to M.G.L. Chapter 66, §10, the Town of Bedford hereby produces the following information: GIS Data Information Mapping System. The information displayed on this or any other map produced by the Town of Bedford is for reference purposes only. The Town of Bedford does not guarantee the accuracy of the data. Users are responsible for determining the suitability for their own individual needs.

Property Finders

The Property Finders are GIS websites that allow the user to look at Bedford in many different ways, from individual properties all the way up to the entire town. Many different data layers are available, as well as aerial photos.

Property FinderProperty Finder Description
Bedford Property FinderThis is the primary property finder.  It contains the most layers of all the property finders.  This property finder now also includes FEMA's most up-to-date floodplain information.
Wetlands Data LayerThis provides a detailed description of the history of the wetland mapping in Bedford and how to better understand the wetland data.

Town Maps

These are links to maps of Bedford that show various kinds of information.

Town MapsTown Map DescriptionPaper Size (inches)
Assessors Maps

All versions of the Assessors Maps are currently available, including the most recently revised.


Groundwater Supply Favorability Map (PDF)

Part of the Town’s Groundwater Resource Study in 1980, the map shows the rate of groundwater transmissibility.

34 inches by 39 inches
Historic District Map - 1986 (PDF)

This is the most recently revised Historic District map accepted at Town Meeting.

24 inches by 36 inches

Historic MapsHistoric maps of Bedford and the surrounding area.Varies
Hydrogeologic Zone Map - 1995 (PDF)

Also known as an Aquifer Protection District map or a Zone II map, this map shows the hydrogeologic zones for Bedford’s water supply wells.

30 inches by 42 inches
MBTA System Map Website

Published for the MBTA, this map shows transportation options for the Greater Boston area. Bedford is shown on Map 1.

Natural Heritage Priority and Estimated Habitats (NHESP) Map – 2017 (PDF)

NHESP’s latest released map of the Priority and Estimated Habitats of Rare Species and Wildlife in the Bedford area.

22 inches by 28 inches
Open Space Map (PDF)Showing open space and government-owned land.11 inches by 17 inches
Shawsheen Cemetery (PDF)

This is the most recently revised map of the Shawsheen Cemetery. 

24 inches by 36 inches
Street Map (PDF)

This is the most recently revised street map of Bedford, with a grid on the front side, and an alphabetical listing on the back.

11 inches by 17 inches
Trail MapsThese are the last revised maps of trail networks throughout Bedford.8.5 inches by 11 inches
Voting Precincts Map (PDF)

This is the most recently revised map of Bedford’s voting precincts.

11 inches by 17 inches
Zoning Map (PDF)

This is the most recently revised Zoning Map accepted at Town Meeting.

24 inches by 36 inches

Other Data

These are links to other types of useful data.

Other DataDescription
FEMA Floodplain

FEMA Data, including FIRM Panels and FIS Cross-Sections, is specific to the Town.

Maps of MassachusettsMaps from the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s Office, in the Citizen Information Service department.

Data layers and Online Mapping for the entire state.

Massachusetts Historical Commission

Map of sites identified by the MHC in Bedford.

Registry of Deeds

Search for deeds and plans from the registry for Bedford, Middlesex South.

Unofficial Street RegisterA searchable database of the streets in Bedford, along with accompanying documentation.
USGS Topo Maps

USGS Topo Maps for Bedford are available for download.