Cemetery Division

Shawsheen Cemetery Established 1849 Sign with Cemetery in the background

Mission Statement

The Cemetery Division is comprised of two cemeteries, the Old Burying Ground on Springs Road and the Shawsheen Cemetery on Shawsheen Avenue. The Town's mission for the cemeteries is to preserve the historical heritage and serene atmospheres for families and loved ones while also providing professional burial services for present and future generations.

The Old Bedford Burying Ground, located within the Old Bedford Center National Historic District, dates back to the incorporation of Bedford in 1729. On October 23, 1729, Israel Putnam, a local deacon, sold an acre of land to the Town of Bedford to serve as the Town's burial ground. The cemetery remained open until 1849 when the new Shawsheen Cemetery was opened in the eastern part of town. Individuals buried there include Bedford Minutemen and Militiamen who fought at Concord and along Battle Road on April 19, 1775, and Black Revolutionary soldiers. The Old Bedford Burying Ground contains 386 headstones, 284 footstones, 6 monuments, and 14 mound tombs, which record the names of approximately 496 individuals.

The Shawsheen Cemetery was established in 1849 and is nondenominational. Lots and graves are sold only to residents of the Town of Bedford

Purchase of a Lot / Apply for a Burial Permit

If you would like to apply for a purchase of a lot / apply for a Burial Permit. Please visit the Permits and Applications page.

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