Jail Diversion Program

The Jail Diversion Program (JDP) is a unique partnership funded by the Department of Mental Health between Eliot Community Human Services and the Police Departments of Bedford, Acton, Concord, Carlisle, Lincoln, Lexington, Stow, Maynard, and Hanscom Air Force Base.

The Jail Diversion Coordinator/Clinician works directly and collaboratively with police officers to address and support the mental health and substance abuse needs of people coming into contact with law enforcement. By working together, the clinician and officers can respond more effectively to residents dealing with mental illness.

The Jail Diversion Coordinator/Clinician, in collaboration with community partners and police officers:

  • Responds to and assesses immediate mental health and substance abuse crises when the police have been called,
  • Follows up with community members after an incident involving law enforcement occurs to assess needs and refer to supportive services,
  • Acts as a liaison between community service providers and Police Departments/partners.