Town Manager

The Town Manager's office provides general administrative support to the Bedford Select Board. The office staff is comprised of the Town Manager and five staff members: the Assistant Town Manager of Operations, the Assistant Town Manager of Human Resources and Administration, the Special Assistant to the Town Manager, the Economic Development Director and one Administrative Assistant. The Town Manager is responsible for the management of the Select Board's department, by providing support to the volunteer committee system, working with other levels of government, and managing special projects for the Select Board.

The Town Manager's office is also responsible for the continual review of policies and programs in an effort to provide improved service. The staff is responsible for the coordination of activities leading up to the Annual Town Meeting, as well as a variety of other public hearings and forums.

The Town Manager periodically holds office hours that are open to the public. Announcements about office hours will be posted on this page, on social media, and on the Bedford Citizen.

  1. Matthew J. Hanson

    Town Manager

  1. Amy Fidalgo

    Assistant Town Manager of Operations

  1. Jeffrey King

    Housing and Economic Development Director

  1. Kerri Rufo

    Administrative Assistant

  1. Bette Annese

    Human Resources / Benefits Coordinator