Vote By Mail

The Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will be sending Vote By Mail application postcards to each registered voter in the state beginning January 8, 2024. If you would like to vote by mail for any or all of the 2024 elections, you may fill out and sign the postcard, then send the postcard in the mail. While the Annual Town Election will not be listed on this card, selecting "All 2024 Elections" will include the Annual Town Election. 

For the two primaries in 2024 (March 5, 2024 Presidential Primary and September 3, 2024 State Primary), Unenrolled (aka "Independent") voters have the option to choose their party ballot since they do not belong to a party. Unenrolled voters must choose between a Democrat, Republican, and Libertarian ballot for each primary - there is no "Independent" ballot. Selecting a party ballot does not enroll the voter to that party - Unenrolled voters will remain Unenrolled, whichever ballot they choose. Those voters enrolled in either the Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian parties will receive their party's ballot for the primaries and will not be able to choose a different party ballot. 

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