Town Center

Town Center, is managed as multi-service centers by Town Center of Bedford, Inc., a non-profit organization. Operations are handled on a day-to-day basis by a consultant.

Mission Statement

The mission of Town Center of Bedford, Inc. is:

  • To preserve the former Union / Center School (Town Center) and Old Town Hall
  • To provide space at Town Center for town departments, non-profit organizations and individuals
  • To provide space at Old Town Hall for tenants and occasional rentals
  • To make a contribution to the quality of life in the Town of Bedford.

For more information about rental space, please click on the tabs on the left side of the page or contact Fay Russo.

About Town Center

Town Center, managed as a multi-service center for four town departments as well as several non-profit organizations, is located in an educational complex that includes Bedford High School and Public Library, as well as Town Hall and the Police Station. It is adjacent to the Bedford Community Playground. Constructed in 1891 as a school and closed in 1979, it was reopened in 1985 as a center servicing the community. A major renovation and addition was completed in July of 2005. Town Departments include the Board of Health, Council on Aging/Senior Center, the Recreation Department, Veterans' Services, and Youth and Family Services. Non-profit tenants also have space in the building, and the Bedford Food Bank currently operates out of the building.

Available for rental by non-profit organizations and individuals on a not-for-profit basis are the Shawsheen Room (cafeteria/kitchen), the Union School Room, and three smaller conference rooms. For more information on rental space and for a Fee Schedule and Application form, visit the Rental Information page.

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