Health Department

Access the BOH COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies page for more information about COVID-19 mitigation.


The Health Department mission is to prevent and reduce public health risks; promote a healthy community through vaccination clinics, health education, information sharing, and environmental mitigation; prepare the community by planning for emergencies; and protect the community by enforcing codes and regulations governing tobacco and nicotine use, the environment and environmental health, food establishments, housing, sharps/needle collection and keeping of animals.


Working under the general direction of the five elected Board of Health (BOH) members, through performance of statutory and regulatory obligations and coalition building, the Health Department Staff operationally execute their mission and that of the BOH for the benefit of all Bedford residents and businesses.

View the Health Department and Board of Health Responsibilities FAQs for more information.

View the Board of Health page to access Board information for the Health Department.